The vision has evolved from an understanding of the site’s characteristics and pertinent factors that would influence development proposals. The following will be provided;

  • Development of the site is to comprise a Medical Centre (including pharmacy) and c.60 residential dwellings;

  • Associated green infrastructure and centrally located shared formal open space within the site.

  • A mix of two and three bed BoKlok new homes including affordable housing provision of 30%.

  • A mix of open market, social rent and shared ownership properties across the site.


The concept diagram responds to the context of the site by providing the following considerations:

1. A landscape-led scheme, with a substantial green frontage assimilating the street character of larger footprint buildings set-back behind a layer of tree planting with the Smallway. The frontage provides a natural location for a surface water attenuation feature that will create an enhanced setting for the scheme.
2. Retention and enhancement of existing hedgerows and provision of landscape buffers. This serves to mitigate and enhance ecological impacts and further supports the overarching vision for a landscape led scheme.
3. A community landscape space is proposed in conjunction with the green buffer zones. This is located to integrate the existing oak tree and act as an arrival space upon entering the development. This communal heart is considered a key feature both in terms of setting and amenity, providing an external place where residents can congregate to socialise, relax or play.
4. A legible heirarchy of overlooked streets lead from the access on the Smallway to serve the development.
5. A pedestrian and cycle connection onto Wood Hill.