The site is located along Smallway, between the villages of Congresbury and Yatton. The site is bounded by Smallway (B3133) to the west, with an existing gated access leading directly into the application site. Wood Hill is located to the North which serves a small number of residential dwellings. Immediately to the south is a small trading estate comprising a mix of independent businesses, with Cadbury Garden Centre beyond.

The location of formerly proposed Medical Centre is located to the west on the opposite side of Smallway. We believe our development site is better located as it keeps development away from the significantly more sensitive open farmland and views across the open countryside to Yatton.

The scheme brings significant benefits including the following;

  • The delivery of the new Medical Centre and which it is only possible to deliver if subsidised through the residential development;

  • The provision of new homes that will make a meaningful contribution to addressing the Council’s shortfall of housing;

  • The delivery of homes through a modular approach which will allow for housing to be delivered quickly to help address the Council’s under provision;

  • The provision of a policy compliant level of affordable housing, which is an additional benefit over and above the delivery of housing, particularly given the acute affordable housing need in North Somerset;

  • The provision of high quality and sustainable homes, which would be amongst the first development in the West of England and wider region to use Modern Methods of Construction and would set a precedent for future developments in North Somerset.

  • To support the local economy to ensure continued employment security and economic prosperity.

  • To provide areas of Public Open Space.