The site is an irregular shaped open field of around 6 acres (2.4 hectares).

1. The land slopes gently from the northern boundary down to the southwest corner of the site. The overall level difference is presumed to be around 6m.
2. An established hedgerow of around 3m in height (with the occasional lowered section) follows the entire perimeter of the field. The canopy of a large mature Oak tree spreads over the southern boundary between the site and the adjacent trading estate.
3. Any proposals for residential development should consider the interface between the site and adjacent trading estate.
4. The site falls within the North Somerset and Mendips Bat SAC and within the ‘Band A’ consultation zone around it. Preliminary advice (provided by EAD ecology) identifies a requirement for landscape buffers to be retained around the perimeter of the site. 
5. A further landscape buffer is proposed along the boundary to the Smallway. This will respond to the placement of buildings on the adjacent site and present a similar frontage characterised by a layer of structural planting with buildings set back some distance behind.
6. Optimal location for storm water attenuation (SUDs) feature at lowest point close to the site entrance.