Vehicular access to the site will be from Smallway where there is an established vehicular access.

Smallway at the site access is a two lane single carriageway that has street lighting. There is a footway on the opposite side of the road to the site. Adequate levels of visibility can be achieved along Smallway from the proposed new access. There will be a pedestrian/cycle connection on the site on to Wood Hill, where there is a continuous footway.

Wood Hill forms the frontage to the site to the north and connects to the A370 at Rhodyate Hill though the lower section on the direct approach to the A370 is one way towards the A370. 

There are two main routes available for pedestrians and cyclists to local attractions which will be towards Congresbury, and onto the A370 to the south and to the north towards Yatton. Within both settlements there are a variety of facilities that can be accessed by foot or cycle reducing the need for single occupancy car use. Local facilities include convenience stores, primary schools, village halls, a range of independent and national stores, and a railway station at Yatton.

A Transport Assessment and Travel Plan will be required to support the planning application for the site. 

Revised Access & Movement Image.jpg

Access & movement strategy

1. It is proposed that the site access will be from Smallway.
2. A primary tree lined street will serve the majority of the development.
3. A traffic calming solution along the primary street will be agreed with the Local Highway Authority to reduce vehicle speeds within the application area.
4. Secondary shared surface streets will extend north towards Wood Hill to serve the Medical Centre and homes located behind the primary street.
5. A pedestrian and cycle only connection will be made onto Wood Hill.